Tuning Academy

The design and implementation of an international reference centre in higher education from the experience in coordinating the Tuning Higher Education Structures in the World Programme.

Tuning Academy emerged with the aim of being an international reference point in higher education, specifically in those matters related to teaching-learning processes and the design and implementation of quality degrees/qualifications and the objective of turning into a university centre of excellence.

The Tuning Academy project aims to institutionalise and provide with a solid structure the group of people that taking on diverse commitments are nowadays gathered in several groups of work:

  • Tuning Research Fellows
  • Tuning Doctoral
  • Researchers
  • Tuning Policy Fellows
  • Tuning Academic Experts
  • Tuning Association Members
  • Tuning Coordination

The University of Deusto with TUNING ACADEMY DEUSTO and the University of Groningen with TUNING ACADEMY GRONINGEN will provide with the main core/group of people who will coordinate the project and will assume management tasks.

The structure is set in four permanent units:

  1. Investigation and Doctorate
  2. Innovation and Education/Training
  3. Analysis and Politics (Employment-Higher Education) and Obersvatories
  4. Spreading/media, Publications and Projects.