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We are pleased to present to you the TUNING Guide to Formulating Degree Programme Profiles, Including Programme Competences and Programme Learning Outcomes. It is the result of the successful cooperation between the Tuning network and the recognition experts of ENIC/NARICs (European Network of Information Centres in the European Region and National Academic Recognition and Information Centres in the European Union) working together in the ‘Competences in Recognition and Education 2’ -CoRe 2- project.


The purpose of this TUNING Guide is to offer clear guidance for formulating Degree Profiles. This includes defining key programme competences and writing good degree programme learning outcomes. It is an innovative tool to assist in implementing the Bologna Process and the TUNING Process at the level of higher education degree programmes.



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EMCOSU project

The outcomes of the EMCOSU project are now available. Visit the EMCOSU website for the project outcomes and to find out what the link is between Tuning and the EMCOSU project.

Tuning EU-China

The outcomes of the EC - supported Tuning EU-China Study were presented on 6 September at the EU-China High Level People-to-People Dialogue (HPPD), which was held in Beijing on 6 September by the European and Chinese project coordinators Robert Wagenaar (Tuning Academy) and Xianjin Dou (Ministry of Education). European Commisioner 

Androulla Vassiliou announed that there will be a follow-up to the Study.

For more information on the Tuning EU-China Study, please see the .

EU/US Research Project

 Learning Outcomes/Competences Research Project

Internship Guide; Work Placements Step by Step

New: The second issue of Tuning Journal

The second issue of Tuning Journal for Higher Education has been published. The topic of the second issue is: "Competence-based learning: a global perspective."

Universities contribution to the Bologna Process - An introduction - Japanese version

New: A Japanese version of Tuning Educational Structures in Europe Universities’ contribution to the Bologna Process: An introduction.

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TUNING Guide to Formulating Degree Programme Profiles, including Programme Competences and Programme Learning Outcomes





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