The project covers and is based on the following two groups of subject areas:

  • A first group for which learning outcomes / competence based descriptors and reference points have been developed in the framework of the Tuning and Thematic network projects: History, Music, Dance and Theatre , Art and Design and Architecture.
  • The second group for which it is thought absolutely necessary to develop descriptors and reference points as being key fields in the Social Sciences domain: Theology, Linguistics, Literary Studies and Art History.

 Particular attention is given to the relation between secondary general education on the one hand and vocational education and training and higher education on the other hand by identifying and comparing recognition procedures as well as standard pathways for admission to higher education programmes. The project builds on the results of the Erasmus, Tempus and Alfa TUNING projects, which have played a major role in promoting the learning outcomes / competence approach in higher education. The credit part of the framework will be based on ECTS taking into account the work that has been accomplished as part of the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) initiative.