Internship Guide; Work Placements Step by Step


New: Internship Guide; Work Placements Step by Step by Esther Haag (Boom, The Hague, 2012)

This Internship Guide is an essential complement to the work already done in the Tuning framework. Originally published in Dutch this book was adjusted to an international setting and translated into English with support from Tuning. The book is fully in accord with the Tuning methodology which is based on a step-by-step approach to enhance degree programmes and their course units. The Tuning methodology with competences and learning outcomes at its heart, so well reflected in this Internship Guide, guarantees that the placements contribute significantly to the level and thus the quality that the degree programme aims for. Work placements are a way for students to apply the competences achieved in their educational programme in practice in the labour market, and to further develop them and thus achieve the learning outcomes of their degree programme. The placement should be seen as an excellent example of the student-centred and active learning approach.



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